It looks like Hip-Hop mogul Dr. Dre is dealing with a paternity battle with reality TV star Gwen Boyd Moss. However the lie detector test results are in and Dre is NOT the father.

Unfortunately, Moss is still telling the world he is regardless of the paternity test results.

The Selling It In The ATL star gave birth to a son named Jason Young back in the 90s (Dre’s real name is Andre Young) and since they did have a relationship at one point, Dre never questioned whether or not it was his. He even paid child support for the kid’s entire life.

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However back in 1998, the Compton OG got a new lawyer who asked Dre why he never got a paternity test. He said he just “assumed it was his” so he never bothered. After a test was taken and the results came back that Jason was NOT Dre’s son, for some odd reason it still didn’t matter. His name was on the birth certificate as the kid’s father and everything!

Moss is still going around saying that Dre is her baby daddy despite the results and that she feels they were “altered.”

Now as far as child support is concerned, does Dre get his child support refunded back to him or is he assed out?

Tisk tisk… wrap it up, folks.

Source: HipHopWired