Kevin Durant was never supposed to play in the state of Oklahoma. His career was supposed to blossom in Seattle as a member of the Sonics but after KD’s rookie year, the franchise relocated to OKC and fans in that city and state couldn’t be happier. Last night Durant was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall Of Fame as his entire team looked on.


“I was just overwhelmed [when I found out last year],” Durant said. “At 26 years old to be told you’re a Hall of Famer at anything, any Hall of Fame at that age is pretty young. I felt pretty good, but I didn’t know how to feel. I feel like I can do a lot more. I feel like I’ve got a long ways to go, but it’s still a great honor and I’m just honored to be here. Happy to represent my family and where I come from as well. It’s an amazing day.”

Durant selected teammate Russell Westbrook to be his presenter.

“That was an easy pick,” Durant said. “Somebody that’s with me more than anybody, who knows me inside and out. Just wanted to share this night with him.”

Durant has been a consistent advocate and ambassador for Oklahoma, most notably when he donated $1 million to the Oklahoma Red Cross following the devastating tornadoes in suburban Moore in 2013.

“I never really do [that stuff] for nights like tonight, but basically growing up here as [a] teenager to a young man, I’ve been through a lot here,” Durant said. “It’s just molded me into who I am and everything I’ve done, whether it’s just letting people know where I live at, who I play for. … It’s all from the heart, man. I’ve been through so much being here and it feels great to be in the Hall of Fame.”

At this point, fans of OKC are just hoping KD sticks around long enough to enter the NBA Hall Of Fame as a member of the Thunder and not any other team as his impending free agency will no doubt become the bigger story this year.