Uhmmm, the last time I shopped at RadioShack was a small screwdriver for my gameboy color… I guess I’m not alone because clearly RadioShack is not the most poppin’ store today and they’re doing this stunt to increase sales. The real question is: is this enough for you to go out before thanksgiving to finally step your foot back into the store again? Read more to get more details on the special deals.

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Now we all know dam well about the madness that is Black Friday, but you know just as well that you can’t help it! The deals are just that amazing and the sometimes the thrill of it all is truly intriguing. Now RadioShack is trying to get ahead of the game by allowing Black Friday deals to literally come the day BEFORE thanksgiving so at least you can unwind with your family without worrying about getting all WWE the day (or should I say early morning) after. Welcome Black Wednesday! But is it enough to really have people breaking down doors over at RadioShack? I mean they filed for bankruptcy protection in February and closed more than half of their stores but I guess they’re still surviving, at least until the holiday season – hopefully their sales spike up.

RadioShack stores will feature over 100 different deals and will stay open an hour later than usual on Wednesday, November 25. On Thanksgiving Day, they’ll open at 8am and will remain open until 1pm, getting the jump on other brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target by several hours. Are you guys hitting up RadioShack? Check out the gallery to see some of the deals they have, you could be the Santa for Christmas to your family. It’s all before thanksgiving so it’s at least worth a checkout on the site – pun definitely intended.