Clearly Lynn McHale is a ride of die chick, as she had her husbands back after the Houston Rockets fired him as head coach. She took to twitter and blasted just about everyone affiliated with the team, including the Kardashian’s! Unfortunately Lynn’s tweets didn’t stay up for long before she deleted her account all together but of course the screenshots live on forever.


There is no doubt the Rockets blew it by firing McHale. This is the same coach that had them in the Western Conference finals last year and had high hopes for this season as well. It’s not his fault Dwight Howard has turned out to be a joke and the same can be said about the defense of James Harden. The team started 4-7 this season and they thought firing McHale would help that. In reality, those same players got their coach fired because he damn sure didn’t deserve to lose his job so early on.

His wife Lynn pretty much thinks the same thing and she let people know about it. Pretty funny she even blamed the Kardashian family for what happened.

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