Scandal is one the most talked about shows along with other hit shows such as Empire and Power. Lastnight, viewers were shocked to see the show have a super twist to it. They showed Olivia Pope undergoing an abortion. While some thought it was a brilliant move to add to the story line, others did not agree. The show received a lot of comments about this one.

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Abortions happen everyday all around the world. In fact, a recent study has just shown that over 100,000 woman in Texas have tried self-induced abortions at one time or another in their lives. Thats crazy! The plot twist in last nights Scandal episode, was that the audience did not even know Pope was pregnant. The scene showed Pope on a table with scrubs on. They played the hymn “Silent Night” as Pope got her procedure done.

Many feel as though they made the abortion looks like something that was praised and easy for woman to do. Some tweeted how they were disgusted that they would even put that on TV. Along with the abortion, Scandal did give information about them. So they did inform the audience.

As a response to the negative comments, a Huffington Post writer wrote,

“The prevailing narrative about abortion tells us that a women’s decision to terminate a pregnant is always a painful, difficult one that will leave her devastated. For some women, that is the case. For other women, not even close.”

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Source: Complex