With all the success of Tamar Braxton has been receiving, it seemed like there was no end to her reign at the moment and because of such, rumors began swirling that one of her sisters, Towanda Braxton, was apparently becoming a bit envious. Well it looks like Towanda Braxton is not here for any of it… What do you guys think? Read more and be the judge for yourself.

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With Tamar calling it quits from ABC’s Dancing With The Stars because of her unexpected health issues, it was rumored that Towanda Braxton was really quick to offer her services in place of Tamar so she could be on the show instead and get some of the spot light herself. Well, Towanda was quick to curve all that and made sure all the blogs who posted such a story knew whats up. In fact, the blogs went as far as to say that the family is feuding because Tamar won’t let her Towanda take her spot. Towanda has now taken to Instagram to respond. She posted a collage of selfies taken with Tamar earlier this week – with the caption: “Baby sis STILL on FLEEK! Can’t no hospital bring us down! Love you #TayMonster #SisterSister.” She then used Twitter the next day to confirm that the recent rumors wasn’t true, especially after being reported on the Wendy Williams show: “Sometimes you have 2 pick and choose your battles. You don’t need prof for the truth. Messy people have 2 make money 2 feed their lies.” Check the gallery for the photos and give your verdict, believe her or nah? Look at the story reported by Williams that made Braxton so heated below:

Source: Eurweb