Corey Curley was let go from his job interview at The Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan for showing up with a loaded gun. Why would you even need a gun period at a job interview? This man is actually known for having questionable behavior.

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Curley was also fired from NASA after arguing with the supervisor while still in training. The bank found out that he was armed because he told them. He said that he was armed and he was an active National Aeronautics and Space Administration officer. These people were not trying to hear that. They called police after Curley showed a NASA badge but had no police ID card. Coming to find out, Curley was fired of October 8th and was using a badge that was not even assigned to him. What a dummy!

The gun that he had was a .38 caliber pistol that had two loaded magazines. Earlier that morning The Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan had received a bomb threat stating that there was a suicide bomber inside of the bank.The police are trying to figure out if Curley had something to do with the threat or he was just being weird. The building was checked but nothing was found. Crazy part is all of this could have been avoided.