A crazed NYC woman from the Bronx, cut her childhood friend’s baby from her stomach after slitting the 22 year old mother’s throat. The victim died late Friday night and the suspect has been arrested. Read the full story after the jump.

Frankie Zing

The victim above was Angelikque Sutton – 9 months pregnant with her baby, before she was gruesomely murdered with a knife. She was found in a pool of blood at an apartment in the Bronx’s Wakefield section.

Ashleigh Wade, the also 22-year old suspect, was arrested at the scene as she was screaming to authorities that the baby was hers. She is currently being held on murder, manslaughter, and weapons charges.

Investigators were in awe of the bloody crime scene and immediately ordered blood tests to confirm the baby girl Genesis’ mother.

Authorities discovered a knife and the woman’s placenta on the floor of the bloodied apartment. Police came once the victim’s boyfriend made a 9-1-1 call for an emergency. Sutton and her boyfriend were set to marry after eight years together, on Friday.

The newborn was found in good condition, as authorities swaddled it in a blanket.

City Councilman Andy King revealed the victim was first strangled than stabbed to death.

Wade and Sutton had lost touch as friends, but rekindled their relationship in the prior months. There is no evidence supporting what lead to heinous act and neither party has yet to comment.