If I wasn’t emotionally unstable before, I will be now, if Drake and Adele decide to team up for an official remix of the hit record “Hotline Bling.” Following the release of her highly anticipated album ’25’ Adele revealed to she wanted to link up with Drake for a remix and by the looks of it, Drake is here for it.

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In an interview with etalk Adele revealed it would be her dream to link up with Drake in the studio. She said, “I really want us to do an official remix, I love Drake. I love Drake so much. I even got the coat that’s in the video — I got it delivered the other day, I ordered it. The red one.”

The British singer went on to tell a story about drunk dancing to the track to celebrate the release of her own single “Hello”. She said, “I had a drink like three weeks ago [with] my best friends — in fact, it was to celebrate ‘Hello,’” And I was off my face because I don’t really drink anymore, and they’ve got video of me dancing to it on a coffee table as well.”

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It appears Drake caught wind of the interview and responded via Instagram with a cartoon photo of him and Adele captioned, “Me and my main ting just coolin.”

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