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Greg Hardy just can’t seem to get out of his own way but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might’ve finally gotten through to his defensive end.  Jones met with Hardy last week to address the controversial comments he’s been making, changing his Twitter bio to declare himself innocent of the domestic violence charges and missing meetings and practices since the photos of his alleged victim were released.

Jones declined to get into specifics about the content of their meeting but offered some insight.

“He is aware that everything he does — his personality, his style, his enthusiasm — it’s all going to be interpreted negatively,” Jones said. “If he’s not aware of that, then he’s hurting a lot of people.

“I think he really gets that. We certainly feel that way. He understands it, and he has agreed to really work on it.”

“There is a genuine effort for him to rehab what is the perception of him.

“But there is no second chance in regards to the issue of domestic violence. None.”

Looking ahead, he was asked Sunday if the Cowboys’ next game against the Carolina Panthers, Hardy’s former team, means anything extra to him.

“Just a nameless, faceless opponent,” Hardy said. “Next game. Got to stay focused.”


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source: ESPN