Christina Milian is getting shade from more than just Lil Wayne’s other exes. A gossip site posted content with claims that instead of doing a majority of hosting for the 2015 Gran Centenario Tequila Angels On Earth, a charity event, the 34-year-old spent most of her time in a back room sniffing lines. Milian caught wind of the dirt thrown on her name, and well, you know it was time for a snap back.

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CrazyDaysAndNights.net posted the story, which another news outlet picked up, and Milian was not having any of the rumor mill.

“She was being paid but spent most of her time doing lines of coke in a room reserved for her to get ready,” said the website.

Milian responded with the following:

Don’t u dare add my name to a post like this. First off I don’t do drugs 1. 2 don’t turn something like this for a CHARITY and a good cause into one your ratchet freak stories just so I am get a couple extra likes. Get a life. #StopSniffingLies asshole

In case you missed it hit up the gallery for a dose of Christina on the 2015 American Music Awards red carpet; SLAY.

#IJS: If homegirl does do coke, she’s one of the finest coke heads I’ve ever seen (did you check the gallery?).