Floyd Mayweather retired but his name is still constantly being brought up in terms of potential fights.  The latest occurred shortly after Canelo Alvarez defeated Miguel Cotto this past Saturday.  Alvarez was asked if he’d be interested in a rematch with Mayweather to which he and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya both said they’d be open to it.  Well Mayweather isn’t with it.

“I retired from the game; I didn’t let the game retire me. Every day there’s offers on the table for me to come back and fight. Every day! As of right now, I don’t got the urge to fight again,” stated undefeated former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, who made it crystal clear that he has no plans of making a return to the ring.

“Canelo, you a good fighter, but you already know what it is when you face me, boy. Class is in session! I faced Canelo, Cotto, and Pacquiao, and I know who’s the best out of the three. I know how they all rate, and I know something all three of them guys got in common,” Mayweather responded when FightHype.com informed him of their comments. “They got their ass whooped by me. So this is for everybody that’s always speaking about my accomplishments and everything that I’ve done. When the history books is written and when we’re all gone, there’s only going to be one motherfuckin’ name that they’re talking about and that’s Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather!”

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