IFWT_Yusaf Mack

Philly boxer Yusaf Mack is out and proud.  His ordeal began when friends found out he appeared in a gay porno with two other men.  Mack initially said he was drugged and didn’t willingly participate.  When the porn company Dawg Pound USA threatened to sue him, he finally came out and admitted initially that he was bisexual and later that he is full on gay.  Now that the truth is out, Mack is being more open about his sexuality.

According to Mack, he’s known since he was a young boy that he was gay despite having 10 children with six different women.  He says Caitlyn Jenner inspired him to come out (which I feel is a lie, the porno practically forced him out the closet) but in any event it’s great he no longer lives in secret.

Mack says Jenner not only inspired him, but he also has a major love for “trannys”.  I’ll use the proper term which is transgender.  Mack says he loves transgenders and doesn’t like men that are big and muscular.

Mack plans on becoming a spokesperson for the LGBT community.

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