The current state of R&B music has been a hot topic for quiet some time now. While some people believe that R&B is still a popular others believe it’s popularity is long gone. One of these people who believe R&B is dead is singer/songwriter Pleasure P. In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes Pleasure P shared his feelings about just why R&B is now longer a thriving genre.

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Pleasure P, former member of Pretty Ricky spoke about R&B blaming his fellow artists for it’s current state in the industry. He said, “Some of these n*ggas is fake as f*ck,” he continued, “The idea was to do an R&B group. You got Ginuwine, Tank, and Tyrese. All of those guys from that era, they did it. You got LSG, the best from that era. They did it. My era – these n*ggas is so flaw.”

Later he added, I don’t even care if they did a group without me. I just think it would be something dope for our generation. But these n*ggas so fake.”

After rambling off a list of artist who still currently make R&B music, including Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Omarion, August Alsina and others, Pleasure P said,

Nine different artists. How many tours have you seen with all these artists on one tour? None. How many songs have you seen with anybody on a song with each other? None,” added P. “How can anybody respect the genre. They say R&B’s dead. No, you n*ggas dead, because y’all don’t want to work together to get the genre back popping.”

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