A custodian at a Queens church found a baby in the nativity manger with the umbilical cord still attached. Soon after, they also found the mother who left the baby there. Hit the jump for the rest of the story.

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A custodian returning from his break heard a baby crying. He localized it to the manger, and found a baby resting there. Father Christopher Heanue commended the custodian. He went on to say,

“God has a way of working mysteriously because I believe when this woman who came in with this child, saw this creche, this empty home, this home in which we’ll welcome Jesus in just a few short weeks, I believe she found in it a home for her child.”

Holy Child Jesus Church in the Richmond Hill just constructed the nativity. Looks like it was just in time to shelter this newborn. Parish Secretary Paul Cerni stated,

“He was a fortunate child. [The mother] made the right choice.”

Holy Child Jesus Church has an open door policy. This means parents can drop kids they cannot care for at the church for help without questioning. Moreover, this means that even though authorities found the mother she will not face charges. Church staff took the baby found in the manger to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where doctors checked vitals.

The video below shows her swaddling the baby in blankets moments before leaving her baby at the church.

Let us know if you think she was responsible for asking for help or just a terrible mother.

Source: NBC