IFWT_Jason Kidd ref 1

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd was not happy with referee Zach Zarba during the Bucks loss to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night.  Kidd was furious and swatted the ball out of Zarba’s hands which of course resulted in him immediately getting tossed out of the game.  He had to be restrained by players as he was escorted off the court and back into the locker room.

Kidd was ejected with 1:49 to play in the game. The Kings were leading 120-109 at the time and Giannis Antetokounmpo had just had a shot at the rim blocked prior to the timeout.

After the game, Kidd said he was upset and felt the Bucks were not getting the calls they should have been getting.

Kidd will certainly receive a fine from the NBA and possibly even a suspension. Kidd was previously fined $50,000 for instructing a player to bump him so Kidd would spill his drink as a way to manufacture a timeout, which coincidentally also happened on the eve of Thanksgiving two years ago.

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