Lil Wayne

It looks like Lil Wayne has made en enemy with the female who is smack dab in the middle of his Trukfit shirt. You know, the model who looks like she doesn’t have any panties on.

Shanise Taylor is pissed off because she said she never once agreed to work with Wayne’s company and thinks he represents “misogyny.” In the court documents from the lawsuit, Taylor explains that back in 2011 she did a random photoshoot. She says the photographer sent her the photos she took and she thought that was the end of it. WELP, looks like that isn’t the case.

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Taylor is even more outraged that they photoshopped the photo to make it seem like she doesn’t have any panties on. In the original photo, she has black panties but on the shirt, it looks like she’s completely commando.

We’re not sure for how much money she is exactly suing Wayne for, but we do know that Taylor does not want her face “on apparel associated with misogyny and violence.”

Source: TMZ