A Philadelphia family is extra thankful this holiday season, as their baby girl of only a couple of months is reportedly healing after being kissed by Pope Francis in September.


Just weeks after her birth, Gianna Masciantonio was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor that instantly cut her life expectancy down to months. Gianna’s parents, Joey and Kristen, decided on chemotherapy as the first form of treatment, but after multiple sessions, the family decided to enjoy and cherish their last moments.

Things changed in September, when streets swarmed with people wanting to meet and be touched by Pope Francis, who traveled to the United States for the first time, this fall.

With the help of an FBI friend, Joey and Kristen ventured out into the packed streets and took little Gianna to meet the Pope.

According to USA Today a security guard in the crowd, took Gianna and brought her forward to Pope Francis, who then kissed the baby girl on the head. Now, two months later, the doctors and scan results are saying that Gianna’s tumor has shrunken tremendously.

“The kiss was God’s work, that’s for sure. But, the miracle was Him giving us the platform to reach those doctors who, ultimately, played a major role in saving Gianna’s life,”

Joey stated.

Gianna’s story is now being called the “Miracle on Market Street.”