One of the most common complaints we hear from grandparents are that their children and grandchildren don’t call them enough, or never call them at all. Now i think we can all admit that in this day and age most people would rather text then talk on the phone right? And thats unfortunate for some grandparents who never sent a text a day in their life. That was until now. An Atlanta nonprofit called BlueHair Technology Group knows exactly what to do to fix this issue and that is to teach grandparents how to text and stay in touch.

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An Atlanta nonprofit group has decided to take matters into their own hands and teach today’s seniors how to text. No matter what we are doing throughout the day, whether it be eating, walking to class, watching a movie or working out we are always down to send a text. And thats because its quick and easy. But although texting is cool and stuff, not everyone knows how to text, and that includes our grandparents.

Jane Ratliff who has a professional background in the phone industry created BlueHair Technology Group after being inspired while teaching her octogenarian mother how to use an iPad. After that she knew that she had something amazing in the works.

Ratliff explained to Fox News that a lot of older adults feel overwhelmed and intimidated when having to ask for help with their phones, simply because they don’t know exactly what they should be asking. Her program uses a different approach when teaching them.

“You have to anticipate,”

Ratliff said.

“You have to already know what their needs are.

Nancy Culp is currently enrolled in the program in efforts to learn how to use and iPad and she says,

“I didn’t grow up with computers,”


“It’s a whole different language. And my brain is not programmed to think like a computer processes information.”

The BlueHair Technology Group travel to places such as churches, retirement communities and synagogues. This is where their instructors and volunteers take extra time to work with their students.

Ratliff hopes her program will help senior adults better understand this new day technology and feel more engaged in the world as it is constantly changing.