A detroit man may have just hit the jackpot after robbing a loomis armored truck in Greektown, Detroit for over $500,000. Now the small town is suspicious of how it all went down.

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A man, who disguised himself as a security guard hit up a loomis armored truck parked outside of a casino yesterday and walked away with more than half a million dollars. The thief who was reported to be a black male wearing a Loomis Armored security guard shirt, approached the armored vehicle, took a number of bags filled with money and left!

According to the Detroit Free Press a source close to the case says that the man who was driving the armored truck believed that the thief was for sure one of his coworkers due to the fact that he was in uniform.

“The FBI has taken the lead on the investigation because it seems to be of a suspicious nature,”

Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt said, continuing…

“Detroit police are working with the FBI on this heist. We’re still looking at video to see how this person escaped.”

The robbery happened around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Beaubien and Monroe. And as of right now according to Jill Washburn, FBI media spokeswoman, the FBI is currently investigating this case but thats all that they can say as of right now.