Robert Hinton was just weeks away from receiving a $450,000 settlement from New York State. Unfortunately, he will not see any of it because he was shot and killed in Brooklyn Thursday night. Hinton was an ex-Rikers inmate.

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In 2012, Hinton took a big beatdown from Rikers correctional officers. The beating started after Hinton refused to move to a different cell without getting his lunch. His face was severely beaten. He had a cracked vertebrae and his eyes will beyond filled with blood. The officers were fired from their job. Hilton also win his settlement. Hinton was shot around 11:35pm, after spending Thanksgiving with his family. The shooter not only killed Hinton, but he also wounded a second victim. He has not yet been caught.

Hinton’s Aunt, Lynette Johnson is very hurt. She released a statement saying,

“It was devastating. It doesn’t seem real. In the blink of eye you’re gone. He was a beautiful person. He said once, if you’ve been through half of what I’ve been through, you’d be dead.”

Police claim that Hinton was heavily involved with gangs. He was a blood member. He had two previous stays at Rikers one in 2005 and the other in 2008. They both were for assault. Sources say that Hinton was also expecting his first child soon. No one deserves to lose their life to violence. May his soul Rest In Peace and may his family find closure after losing their loved one.

Source: Complex