Bob Saget, who we know as “Danny Tanner,” the father from full house, has alot to say about the allegations being thrown on his former mentor Bill Cosby. Sage says that the allegations are “despicable.” Guess Cosby doesn’t really have anyone standing behind him. Well I mean who would after over 50 woman have came forward saying they were sexually assaulted by him.

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Sage said that Cosby’s history is tarnished.

“I think any human being that does things that are despicable to other human beings will be slightly tarnished by history.”

He continued on saying,

“I went to (Cosby’s alma mater) Temple University, and he was a mentor of mine, and (we were) on ‘The Tonight Show’ two weeks before Johnny Carson went off, and it’s very sad. I think the answer is obvious, that the man has been tarnished. And it’s just sad for all of the people involved.”

Sage actually made a joke out of the allegations saying,

“It’s an area I don’t usually delve into, but you’re a very brave woman, and I brought a briefcase of pills to give to you.”

Bill Cosby has made sure to stay far away from the media. For the first time in a while, he was seen out with wife Camille in New York City.

Check out the video where Saget answers fan’s questions pertaining to his ex-mentor Bill Cosby.

Source: NYDailyNews