I know Chris Paul used to get alot of love in New Orleans, thanks to the early part of his career being spent with the Hornets before the name went back to the Charlotte team. After last night you can bet your ass nobody in the NO will have any love for Chris Paul because he almost ruined the season and maybe career of Anthony Davis. Thankfully for AD, the injury wound up being alot less serious than it looked at first.


Late in the third quarter of Friday night’s Clippers win over the Pelicans, Los Angeles’ Josh Smith blocked a shot at the rim that came out to the top of the key to Chris Paul, and he started to race up court in transition with Anthony Davis next to him. At that point, CP3 veered into Davis to draw the contact and get the foul, but in the process injured Davis.

Now, the problem is this type of play happens all the time. We have all seen countless players dribbling the ball up court while simultaneously trying to draw contact from a defender who may be right next to him. The play itself wasn’t dirty on Paul’s part but this is where his reputation of being a dirty player comes back to haunt him.

Twitter went off on Paul, especially because he tried to flop after the call, while Davis was actually injured. Some fans wondered why he would be trying to draw contact when his team was up by almost 20 points at the time the play happened. Safe to say not many people besides Clippers fans are liking CP3 at the moment.

The Pelicans came out during the night and said that Davis wound up just having a knee bruise and will be just fine. The way he had to be helped off the court it looked like his season might even be over with a severe injury. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.