I mean we all knew the world was weird but c’mon now. Animal lovers are going below the belt as sources say more and more people are having sex with horses in Switzerland. How could you ever even do such a thing?

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The New York Post received a report from The Swiss animal welfare group Tier im Recht. The group says that there has been 105 cases in which animals have been mistreated. 10% of those cases involve sexual intercourse with the animals. So this means not just horses are victims.

According to Andreas Rüttimann, who is a legal expert with the group says,

“This rate is relatively elevated [with horses] compared with other types of animals.”

A lot of these sexual encounters go unreported due to the high volume of people in Switzerland who actually engage in the intercourse. There are more than 110,000 horses at 18,000 farms in Switzerland. Im not sure what has gotten into people, but this needs to stop now!