There was a lot going on in the NBA last night, as our favorite teams and players put on quite a performance.

From recently reported fade away three, now to LeBron James and his game winning float away lay up against the Nets, it was definitely an impressive night in professional basketball, and we’ve got all of the videos!


King James beasted on the Brooklyn Nets with a last second, float away lay-up that gave the Cleveland Cavaliers the lead and victory with the final score, 90-88.

With only six seconds left in the game, James stood at the top of the key as his teammates prepared to set something up.

Center, Tristan Thompson set the pick for James as the power forward exploded passed him and took ball to the hoop.

James was left in a one-on-one situation with Brooklyn center, Brook Lopez who closely covered James, but in the end, could not stop the King.

The Cavs celebrated the last second victory and will have a couple of days to continue doing so as they face the Wizards next, on Tuesday night.

Check out King James in action!