When he came into the league, there were instant comparisons as to which former NBA star LeBron James would remind us of or supersede.

As any baller of today’s generation would appreciate, James has often been compared to the talents and works of the legendary, Michael Jordan, whom James says still has a direct impact on his own work both on and off the court.


Though LeBron often goes by the nickname “King James” it is quite apparent that Michael Jordan is the real king of the NBA. Players of both past and present teams have admitted to admiring and paying homage to Jordan as his impact on the league as a whole still continues to affect the players we watch today.

Jordan is still a force in everything that he does, taking over the apparel industry with his clothing and shoe line, “Air Jordan.”

James spoke on the legend early Friday morning saying,

“He’s done it as well as anyone can do it as far as present [playing] career and post, so you’re always kind of watching. And it’d be great for anyone who can come in and own a ballclub, that would be pretty cool stuff, and also his brand, it continues to make an impact. So it’s pretty awesome to see what he’s still able to do after being away from the game for so long.”

Jordan became the first player turned team owner, when he purchased the Charlotte Hornets in 2010.

James has followed in Jordan’s footsteps in more ways than just one, being a basketball superstar as the obvious first step.

James worked out at deal with Fenway Sports and as a result, became a partial owner in Liverpool Football Club. The English Premier League soccer franchise was valued at $980 million in earlier 2015.

James reiterated that while he is always planning for his own future, his main focus is his current team and continuing to make them a threat within the league.

“I mean, I’ve positioned myself for a long time for whatever I want to do, if I want it,” he said. “But the main thing right now is positioning this team to be as great as we can be. That’s my only concern. That’s the main thing, and that’s the only thing on my mind right now. Obviously I have a lot of stuff going on, but I have a team for that and they take care of it, and when my input is needed, I’ll give it. But this is the position that I’m in right now.”

King James and the Cavaliers will face the Wizards on Tuesday night in Washington.