Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, called Police Supt. Garry McCarthy into his office on Monday. When McCarthy left, he was employed, however, overnight Emanuel phoned the man in charge to let him know that he had been fired.

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Though McCarthy’s record “is a strong one, and one he can be proud of,” Emanuel said, “now is a time for fresh eyes and new leadership.”

McCarthy’s firing follows the release of dash-cam footage that shows officer Jason Van Dyke-who has been charged and let out on bail-letting go 16 rounds of gunfire into the body of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Although the shooting is clear and cut, the case as a whole has been left with a big question mark due to some actions taken after the incident took place.

The shooting took place in October, however, the footage was not released until late November; and that was an order from the higher ups. The city had come to a money settlement with McDonald’s mother, which leaves many in an outrage since McDonald was a ward of the state at the time of his death.

So many questions. So little answers.

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#IJS: It probably needed to be done. I mean, this dude served as police chief while Van Dyke went around the city maliciously harming citizens. Although I am not too sure of Emanuel’s leadership as mayor, this was most likely, based off of what I know, the right decision.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times