Rapper and Father Fabolous gets ready as we count down not the 25 days till Christmas, but 25 days till the release of Young OG Project 2. As the time approaches to the release date the Young Og’s themselves, Johan and Jonas were on set with their dad getting photo shoot fresh.

Last Christmas Fabolous blessed us all with the original Young Og Project. This Christmas we will recieve part 2. The photo shoot is exactly as you would picture it to be and exactly the taste and style for Fabolous. A giant Gold King Chair was the only prop Fab needed for this shoot. I hope the young Og’s Jonah & Johan will make an appearance on the cover.

Fab also did a huge heartwarming shout out to his day 1 barber. It was amazing to see someone he knew from when he was younger has come up in the world with his own business and now today is doing hair cuts for fab and his children.

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