Kobe Bryant is originally from Philly so when the Los Angeles Lakers played the 76ers in Philadelphia last night, they made it extra special for Bryant’s last homecoming game.  While Kobe was there, he tracked down Sixers rookie Jahlil Okafor who has gone through a lot of trouble lately including two street fights, and gave him some veteran advice.

“I talked to him a little bit on the court, briefly in the weight room and a little bit after the game,” Bryant said. “I wish him all the best. It’s important for him to stay focused and to continue to work on his game, and he’ll be just fine.”

Bryant also commented on how easy it is for off the court mistakes to become news nowadays.

“Everybody has a camera with a camera phone,” he said. “You pick up on mistakes a lot more now than you would in the past. Not to say some of the heroes that have played here before haven’t made those same mistakes, but it’s just now the content gets captured so quickly.”

Okafor is only 19 years old and the Sixers are a relatively young team.  He doesn’t have any veterans to guide him like Karl Anthony-Towns has Kevin Garnett.  I’m not completely excusing his actions but people forget he’s young and underestimate how helpful it is to have a veteran guiding you.

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source: BallisLife