Last week, Mercutio Southall, a Black Lives Matter activist was attacked during one of Donald Trump’s presidential rallies. After showing his pride with a “Black Lives Matter” chant, Southall was told to leave the event. When he refused, six attendees attacked the guy. Southall is now ready to file a lawsuit, claiming a hate crime, against the men that attacked him, as well as Trump for encouraging the attack.

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Southall and his attorney, David Gespass, are filing a complaint in the state of Alabama for misdemeanor assault; he was called the N-word and a monkey while the men used their feet as a weapon, which makes the incident a felony hate crime.

Trump played a part in the crime after he yelled [to the men most likely], “Get him the hell out of here, will you please?”

“It would seem to me, and this is, again, something that must be thought through more carefully, that aiding and abetting a crime makes you a participant … And particularly given the history of incidents such as this at other places, I would say that Trump has a moral and very possibly a legal responsibility to do what he can to ensure people’s safety,” Gespess stated.

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