Charlie Sheen was probably better off keeping his HIV status a secret from the public; not from his sexual partners, or family, but the public. Not only has he been accused of paying women off prior to revealing the news, however, he’s under fire for another lawsuit with those women, and now, this.

Sheen’s ex-fiancée, Brett Rossi, is suing the the “Anger Management” actor for allegedly forcing her to get an abortion; an abortion Sheen forced due to his status.

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Rossi says that upon her March 2014 pregnancy, her former beau threatened her with the fear of having a “retarded child” [I resent that] that would be born with HIV. Aside from that, his threats included being completely done with her, therefore, she had no choice but to abort the child.

According to TMZ:

Brett says she and Charlie had unprotected sex at least 5 times before she discovered HIV meds in his medicine cabinet. She claims once Charlie came clean about the virus, they agreed they’d have unprotected sex just like “a normal couple” and she became pregnant several months later.

The amount Brett is asking for is unknown, but is going to be plenty, surely.

#IJS: These women knew of his status, but wants to sue now for any made up reason. If he bullied you in 2014, you should have sued in 2014.

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