Oscar De La Hoya has not let up, taking jabs at Floyd Mayweather whenever he can.  De La Hoya has called Mayweather’s fight boring, and kept predicting he would lose and said the sport is better now that he’s retired.  Mayweather was asked why De La Hoya keeps coming after him.

Floyd Mayweather says DRUGS and jealous are to blame for Oscar De La Hoya, claiming Oscar must be screwed up in the head for picking such a public fight.

Mayweather appeared on DJ Whoo Kid’s “The Whoolywood Shuffle” show and addressed De La Hoya’s scathing letter to Floyd in which Oscar called him boring and said boxing is better off without him.

“I’m just saying the reason why he’s probably going after me it could be because of the drugs, because of the jealously.”

De La Hoya famously completed a stint in rehab in 2013 for drug and alcohol abuse, and has admitted a problem with cocaine in the past.

But Mayweather clearly feels the drugs took a toll on Oscar, insinuating that it messed with his brain so much, he clearly doesn’t realize what he’s doing.

For the record, De La Hoya has spoken publicly about his substance abuse and says he’s all cleaned up.

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