Lil Jon might not ever want to turn down, but apparently he doesn’t want to pay up either.

He got work done from multiple home renovation companies on his 4-bedroom home in Georgia that he paid $1.2 million for back in 2005. For whatever reason, he has yet to cut any checks to any of the companies who helped fix up his crib. It is a total of three companies and they are saying he owes $22K in total – which to Lil Jon isn’t anything.

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All three companies filed liens against Jon’s home, meaning they could all get a piece of his property if he refuses to pay up. The breakdown of what he owes is as follows: $15k to Lackey Drywall, $1,050 to KLS Plumbing, and $6,743.86 to Eastern Wallboard Supply.

Let’s hope he starts cutting them checks ASAP ROCKY!

Source: TMZ