Not only does everyone shop constantly during December, but now police are on every corner. Heightened security protects us from ISIS and mass shooting imitators. But, it can still feel overly stressful. Hit the jump for tips on how to make it through with all the things on your shopping list.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

  1. Wuusaa.  As hippie as it sounds, just remember to breathe.  If you’re focused on the moment, you can not only survive the huge crowds but maybe even enjoy the constant holiday music and Kanye throwbacks blasting in the stores.
  2. Make a shopping list.  If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll eliminate stress of guessing while being shoved aside by other shoppers and oggled by security.
  3. Find store addresses before you begin.  Knowing where you’re going will limit crowd stress to just the fact that thousands of people are in a space designed for about a quarter of that.
  4. If you bring a purse, make it a small one.  Worrying about a big purse or backpack just adds to things that can stress you out.
  5. Hold any children’s hands.  The last thing you want is to have to enlist the nearby police to find a missing child.  Be safe out there.
  6. Be alert. Notice police and military officers.  Not only does this help you decide where to walk, but it shows you where to look in case of emergency.
  7. Walk in step with crowds.  Going too slow will only irritate those around you- and in turn yourself if they decide to negatively comment on your pace.
  8. Note the exit locations.  In a panic, do not follow the crowd.  Finding your own way to go can safe your life if a giant crowd is trying to fit through a one-person door.

If you see something say something. Call 1(888)NYC-SAFE or notify Anonymous @YourAnonNews.

Source: PG