Stan Stanisclasse was a former golden gloves champion who turned pro back in 2013. He was such a good fighter that it actually led to him being murdered by a jealous, bitter, low life rival! Stanisclasse, 24, was shot and killed outside his home by Darrell Telisme, a sparring partner of his for years. Telisme was never able to beat Stan in the ring so he decided to take him out in the street instead.


According to reports, when Telisme initially got into boxing back in 2010 in Florida, he wanted to get in the ring with the best guy in the building. That man was Stanisclasse. He proceeded to beat Telisme pretty good and they fought numerous times over the next few years with Stanisclasse winning every single time.

The arrest report states that Telisme began to hold a grudge over the one-sided nature of their fights. Stanisclasse apparently sensed the resentment: according to the arrest report, he feared Telisme and considered buying a gun.

Everything came to a head last week on Thanksgiving. The two fighters went out for drinks the night before and while at the bar, Telisme challenged Stanisclasse to a “friendly” street fight. The two went outside and the usual happened. Telisme once again got beat up but once the fight was over, witnesses say the two guys went back in the bar and continued their night together as if nothing happened.

Around 4am however, Telisme showed up with a gun to the home of Stanisclasse in Palm Beach County Florida. One witness heard Stanisclasse shout from inside the home: “The fight is over. It’s squashed.”

When Stanisclasse opened the door, Telisme fired once, the sheriff’s office report. Stanisclasse died at the scene. Later that day Telisme was arrested and charged with first degree murder. Such a senseless tragedy, literally over nothing more than a fighters hurt ego. May he rot in prison.