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From celebrities like Selena Gomez, Seal, and even Toni Braxton, Lupus has been apart of the lives of Hollywood for many decades and still continues to play a role in many celebrities today. Most recently, the 41-year-old “Saved by the Bell” alumnus, Lark Voorhies posted an open letter on Instagram on Thursday, detailing her ongoing struggle against lupus, it makes you feel bad for her but hopeful that she’ll keep fighting against, check out her heartfelt letter.

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It seems that Lark Voorhies has been a roll as of late, clarifying any misconceptions some may have of her and even being willing enough to share some the struggles she’s had in her personal life. As of late, Voorhies expressed a well emotion letter addressed to “Lupus,” the letter reveals how the disease has taken control of her life. “Dear Lupus,” the note begins. “You came uninvited like the thief you are. You invaded my body and my life silently and you have no mercy. You have stolen my life’s work, my health, my vision of myself. You tear at my relationships with relentless teeth rending and damaging wherever and whenever you can.” She then continues on to express her triumphed battle with the disease, “However, you forgot when you planned your war. I am more than my work. Relationships worth having heal [or] stand steady under attack,” the note reads. “I continue to rise again and again to reinvent myself. And most important, there is a part of me you can never touch without my permission, my soul. I am God’s child and you can never take from me what I refuse to give. Alongside the poem, she then included a photo of herself standing by a window. “I am a lover, holding on to the possibility, that, I might discover, a person that has virility,” she wrote. “I am, a romantic, my desires, are unwired, trying to be, sycophantic, easily I become sired.”

By the next day of the post she used Instagram to again deny reports that she struggles with mental health issues. Her mother, Patricia, has claimed in the past that Voorhies has bipolar disorder, which the actress denies saying, “I in no way suffer from any sort of mental health issues. My oversensitive, tenderhearted & concerned mother has made some incorrect and worrisome statements regarding my mental health status that were said and stated at times that were convenient for her, and we both will be clearing the air together in an upcoming interview very soon.”

Hopefully everything she says is true and she does make a comeback to acting with much success; it’s evident she’s been through a lot and like all of us – we fall down, just so we can get back up.