It’s unclear yet as to whether or not this attack was led by the infamous Islamic State, but fingers are starting to point that way as another without reason bombing occured – this time in Bangladesh. Friday it was Egypt and we all know about the unfortunate Paris incident, the havoc just seems to keep piling on and on. Read the full story after the jump.

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Unknown attackers launched three homemade bombs on the premises of a temple in northern Bangladesh, during a drama performance early Saturday morning, police have stated.

Local police chief Ruhul Amin issued a statement that the open-air performance was being staged outside of the Kantajir temple, during an annually held fair in the Dinajpur district when the incident happened.

Nobody or group has claimed responsibility YET, but police officials do have six individuals detained for questioning, who are connected to the blasts.

Six of the injured ten victims are being treated at a local hospital and the remaining four victims sustained minor injuries.

In the near past, Bangladesh has been experiencing continuous attacks on secular bloggers, foreigners and minority groups that now have communities concerned that religious extremism is on the rise in the Muslim-majority country. These attacks this year were claimed by local radical groups – including the terrorizing ISIS.