Bill Murray speaks out on his thoughts about the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. He gave the statements while accepting an honor for his amazing career in film at Morocco’s Marrakech International Film Festival.

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Over 120 died and 300 were injured in last month’s paris attack. A married couple recently just shot 14 people in San Bernardino, California on December 2. Both of which Isis has claimed responsibility for. These attacks have caused a debate on what the gun laws should be, who should be labeled as a terrorist and even action over prayer. Murray blames he lack of connection between citizens.

He says,

“Each and every man and woman here on the planet is a manifestation of God and to that end we must all work. It’s a strange world right now, a very strange world. It was always a very difficult world, a very challenging world. My heart is heavy because of the events in Paris, my heart is heavy because of the events in San Bernardino, my heart is heavy because there is a lack of relation between us all.”

As an American citizen it is easy to feel just the way Murray feels. We have no idea when the next attack may come or even where it will hit. Its sad, its frustrating, and it is scary! We truly have no idea what may be coming next. All we can do is pray for better days.

Murray ended his speech by saying,

“Thank you and may god bless you all the days of your lives.”