Just last month Kylie Jenner and rapper ASAP Rocky was spotted leaving a club together in West Hollywood. After that people started talking, speculating that ASAP and Kylie may have a thing, but that didn’t last long because Kylie set the record straight when she appeared on the Ellen show squashing all rumors. But since then Kylie has been spotted with ASAP once again! And you know how people get to talking.

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This weekend all the stars could be found at the Miami Art Basel. Kylie Jenner was one of them, and she was accompanied by ASAP Rocky. The two were spotted out to eat for dinner last night. And in the pic you can see Kylie clearly giving who ever was holding that camera a mean side-eye.

Due to that side eye, its very possible the two are just friends hanging out and there is nothing wrong with having friends!

While Kylie was kicking it in Miami, Tyga was spotted out in Hollywood where he was questioned on the whereabouts of Miss Jenner.

Watch this video of Tyga captured by Tmz :