Another week yet another young man was killed by police. It is truly sad to see that not a week has gone by yet where we have not had a young individual be the victim of police brutality. On Wednesday, police opened fire on Mario Woods after he refused to put down his 6-inch knife. He was surrounded by a dozen officers with guns. Videos show policeman excessively firing their guns at Woods. According to them, Woods made a threatening move at them. Question is, did they have to shoot this young man?

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Gwen Woods, the mother of Mario Woods, says that her child was executed by police.

“They executed my child. It was a better way of handling it than 25 bullets in my baby”

The mother says that her child did not need violence thrown back at him. Instead, he needed help. 25 shoots was definitely not needed to stop this young man. Sources told ABC7 news that police have re-watched several videos of the encounter and
Woods made a move to strike police.

Christian Hernandez was a bystander who also caught the encounter with Woods and police on camera. He said that he did not see any move that would have made cops use the excessive force used to kill Mario Woods. Members at a local meeting called to address the incident were furious! Yet another black man dead due to excessive police force..smh

Source: Vibe