50 Cent has stated in the past that Def Jam has done a poor job of managing Jeremih’s career, which would add up considering how talented Jeremih is and when he does drop he always has a hit song. Now 50 took to social media to vent his frustrations on his singer friend Jeremih’s current album status for his “Late Nights: The Album” – that finally saw the light of day on Friday. Hit the jump to see what 50 has to say.

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Back in 2010, 50 Cent and Jeremih had a big hit record in “Down On Me”, which scored Jeremih his second Top 10 Billboard hit and gave 50 his first hit in a few years at the time. 50 also said the song did save Jeremih’s career as Def Jam was about to drop him from the label (he probably would have signed him anyway if that happened).

Since the success of the record, the rapper and singer have both remained good friends – posting a pic of them hitting Club Lust together on Saturday. Later in the night, 50 went on to tell the Instagram world his thoughts on Jeremih’s nearly 2 year delayed album stating:

“What Def Jam has done to Jeremih is so foul. They have dropped the ball in so many ways. They have his Album out at $18.99 I have never seen a album priced that high in 5 years. SMH STUPID MOTHERFUKERS.”

The album unsurprisingly met high expectations after it’s long delay and is available now!

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