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Looks like Lee Daniels is teaming up with transgender, Amiyah Scott for a spin off of the hit Fox show Empire. According to TMZ Daniels has already given Scott a part. Although Amiyah Scott tried to get on Real Housewives of Atlanta and was rejected she is now in store for an even bigger break. Read more after the jump.

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Amiyah Scott, the transgender woman caught Lee Daniels attention when she was rumored to be joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta but was rejected. The Empire spin off is a prequel, and will focus on Cookie Lyon’s early life. Amiyah won’t be playing Cookie, however. Daniels has casted Amiyah to play one of the singers in a singing group. This will be her first ever acting role.

Congrats to Amiyah Scott on her new role! Can’t wait to see who else will be apart of the cast in this new show.

Source: TMZ EUR Web