To say the least, 2015 was an exciting year for Hip-Hop. Back in July, Drake released a second diss track aimed at Meek Mill, which turned into a hit record over night. In fact, the track gained so much popularity, that Monday when the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards nominations were revealed, ‘Back to Back’ was among the nominees for Best Rap Performance.

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While it’s still a question as to why, Drake and OVO decided to submit ‘Back To Back’ rather then his current single ‘Hotline Bling’, it is clear that this is the first time a diss track has ever gotten this kind of attention. The history of the Grammy’s reveals that The “Best Rap Performance” category had been around since 1989 and “Best Rap Song” category since 2004, however, neither have ever featured a diss track. It seems like until now, The Grammy’s have steered clear of diss tracks all together.

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