“Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly,” Stacey Dash wrote on Twitter following the news of her, and Ralph Peters’ suspension from Fox News for their potty-mouthed statements on President Obama’s efforts-or lack thereof-in the war on terrorists.

During an episode of Outnumbered, Dash claimed that he [Obama], “doesn’t give a s**t” about terrorism, and anything else that is safe for our country; now two weeks off the air is what she gets.

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This is not the first time Dash has come for a Democratic representative. In August, also on the show Outnumbered, she had made some comments about Hillary Clinton; calling her a “sociopath” who says anything that comes to mind, only she held back the profanity during that time.

Bill Shine, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at Fox News and Fox Business released the following statement on the foul language:

“Earlier today, FOX contributors Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and Stacey Dash made comments on different programs that were completely inappropriate and unacceptable for our air. FOX Business Network and FOX News Channel do not condone the use of such language, and have suspended both Peters and Dash for two weeks.”

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#IJS: Girl, bye. Stacey Dash is right up there with Raven-Symone. Just stop.