IG models celebrate holidays, too. This holiday season is every person’s chance to surprise their favorite IG model with exactly what she needs. Hit the jump for the shopping list.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

The holidays are hard for anyone with a shopping list.  Sometimes it can feel like the people you know have everything they like already.  If you’re shopping for an IG model, you’re in luck.  We have a shopping survival guide for you.

Unsure of whether or not your girl is an IG model? Clues include

  • she will not kiss you because she has lipstick on
  • she refuses to go out in the rain because of her hair and makeup
  • she will IG photos of the dinner you buy on your date- but not of you
  • she cleans her room just to take selfies
  • her IG is only photos of her mostly at the same angle, mostly with a duck face and bedroom eyes

IG models have high standards for their selfies. Just as Kim Kardashian; she take hundreds every month. Selfies are a lot harder to take at flattering angles than one might think. Below is a complete list of gift options for your most treasured ornament: the IG thot.

  1. collagen lip gloss:  Kylie Jenner.  That is all.
  2. a matte black claw manicure:  This is the standard uniform for an IG model’s hands.
  3. oversized glamour sunglasses:  Better to hide the imperfect winged eye on off days.
  4. bath bubbles:  Not all IG models use bubble bath when they take bathtub selfies.  But, as a gift she will surely try it.
  5. a selfie stick:  Help her shake up the angles of her photos.
  6. dark eye shadow to contour cheeks and clavicles:  Little known fact:  some IG models eat.  Those clavicles get drawn in, and makeup gets expensive.

Source: FNP