Ja Rule spills the tea and says there will be a Drama Series coming soon inspired by the infamous Murda Inc. Competing with shows like Empire & Power, this show is said to portray and feature Ashanti, Irv & the rest of Murda Inc. They will reunite to tell their story in a new show up that Ja Rule says will be by airing sometime next year on Showtime.

Ja Rule is set to be executive producer and Irv Gotti already has the ball rolling. In this recent interview Ja says Irv Gotti has made this his main focus and is currently in L.A putting everything into place. Although we are not sure if Ja Rule will be a character in the show, it will revolve around the label and will feature all the main figures of Murda Inc as characters on the show.

His reality show “Follow The Rules” is more about Ja Rules family life, while this Drama Series, especially on a network like ShowTime can open doors for people to question if the 50 Cent & Ja Rule beef will continue. This time through television views and ratings. Although we are not sure if the show will be anything like Power, 50 has other series and shows up his sleeve.