Meek Mill

It might be Nicki Minaj’s birthday, but that does not mean that Meek Mill has found his chill yet.

A random Instagram troll posted a meme of Nicki looking at Meek that says,
“When you’re looking at bae and thinking… ‘Damn you kinda ugly.'”

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Meek wrote on the picture and tagged his sister by saying, “Stop playing for u gotta see @naboogie bum ass bitch!”

His sister then wrote back and replied with, “Slide right up on this dumb ass bitch @meekmill.”

Sadly, I doubt Meek is getting street cred by arguing with random trolls on the internet and getting his sister to beat them up but hey, who knows.

Check the post in the gallery to see the entire ordeal that went down on the ‘Gram!