Philadelphia 76ers V San Antonio Spurs

The Philadelphia 76ers have been telling us to “trust the process”, well like the fans, NBA owners got fed up and said enough is enough.

Since the summer of 2014, NBA owners have been lobbying the league’s front office to step in with regard to the direction of the Philadelphia 76ers, sources told on Monday night. It was that effort that helped lead to the hiring of Jerry Colangelo to a senior position earlier Monday, the sources said.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was instrumental in forming the partnership between Colangelo and 76ers owner Joshua Harris, according to the sources.

They’ve gone 38-148 over the past two-plus seasons and 1-21 to start this season.  They’ve been racking up draft picks and landing in prime lottery positions but still the team has seen no significant change.  But of course the owners don’t care about the Sixers losing on the court, it was the economic damage their losing was putting on the league revenue as a whole that caused them to step in.

We’ll see if the addition of Colangelo inflicts a significant enough change.

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