August Alsina

August Alsina had some choice words for his label last night, after finding out his album, This Thing Called Life, was leaked days before its December 11th release date. Clearly frustrated, Alsina went on a full blown Twitter rant calling out Def Jam, claiming they were the ones responsible for the leak.

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Wednesday, the day before This Thing Called Life was set to drop, Def Jam decided leaked the album to August’s Vevo Channel and clearly August wasn’t here for the idea at all. In a series of tweets he wrote, “I didn’t do this. My shitty ass label did it. They’re just fucking Shitty! Smh”

He then logged off, however, several hours later, August Alsina was back on Twitter, this time writing directly to Def Jam, “FUCKKKKKK YOU @DefJamRecords”

After cooling off, Alsina wrote an apology to fans and the label for his rant. He said, “I hate to come of negatively in any way possible and I may not handle every situation the way you may see fit. There’s so much passion, blood, sweat & tears that I pour into everything I do and in NO way do I take the position God put me in for granted. With all this being said, my “Fuck You” tweet came from a place of frustration Ofcourse but also a place of love.”

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