Jay Mack is a graffiti artist from New Jersey whose trials and tribulations led him to successfully live out his dream. Once people see his creative talents, they are hard to go unnoticed by anyone – even Rick Ross!

In a recent interview with Revolt, Jay Mack details the first time he got the phone call from Rick Ross to do work in his home.

Ross was searching hashtags of different artwork to find the perfect fit to make his house look dope and luckily for Jay, his work happened to come up. “When he got on the phone I couldn’t deny the voice,” he explains. The two were linked through a mutual tattoo artist friend who ended up giving Rozay his number.

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After the phone conversation, Ricky Rozay flew Jay down to Miami and immediately had him start working on the Black Bottle bowling alley in his home. He also did Ross’ home gym with a customized Michael Jordan/LeBron James themed wall.

As of now, Mack is doing pop-up art all around the country to help promote Rozay’s latest album, Black Market, which is available for purchase via iTunes.

Mack recently blessed the Art Basel in Miami, Florida this past weekend as he showed off his work at the “Big Walls Big Dreams” showcase.

Get into Jay Mack’s full interview with Revolt below to find out more about the creative artist who is truly making a name for himself!

Make sure to follow his Instagram page also to check out more of his work and hit the gallery for a sneak peek into some of his most talked-about artistic pieces!

Source: Revolt